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My Story 

Little One Adventures 

Hello!! My name is Shannon. I am an Irish wildlife photographer. Based in Bavaria, Germany.

A few years ago I started a Youtube channel to document my life and my 'nonsense' and how I explored the beautiful forested areas of Rhineland-Palatinate - Germany. As someone who has always loved nature and animals, I was able to spend hours no matter the weather outside and in the forest.  

After sitting quietly in the forest with a cup of tea for a few hours, it was only a matter of time before an animal would cross my path. 
I met many deer, roe bucks, foxes, badgers and even wild boar. But capturing these beautiful animals on my iPhone never felt like it was enough. When I moved to Bavaria last year, I realized that my interest in wildlife was something I wanted to explore, so in March 2022 I took my camera with a very old Sigma lens and began to photograph the wildlife in my area. Here on my website you will find all my favorite pictures that I have taken in Germany and other countries I have traveled to.

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